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5 Remarkable Benefits of Meet and Assist Services


Meet and Assist services provide invaluable assistance to travelers seeking a smoother and more convenient airport experience. These services help you navigate security lines, find the gate, and handle luggage. This article will explore what these services entail and how travelers can benefit from them.

What Is Meet and Assist?


Meet and Assist, or airport concierge services, offer personalized assistance and guidance to airport travelers. These services cater to the needs of all types of travelers, including first-timers, families, executives, and those with special requirements. They typically include:

  1. Meet and Greet: An airport representative will greet you at the terminal entrance or curbside, so you don’t have to search for your gate or check-in area.
  2. Assistance with Check-In: By ensuring your documents are in order and your luggage is tagged and checked seamlessly.
  3. Expedited Security Screening: Travelers receive priority access to security checkpoints, saving valuable time and minimizing stress.
  4. Personalized Airport Assistance: Get it with your concierge, who can help you navigate, find restrooms, buy food, shop, and address mobility needs.
  5. Lounge Access: Some Meet and Assist services include access to airport lounges, allowing you to relax in comfort before your flight.
  6. Assistance with Boarding: The airport representative assists with boarding by guiding you to the correct gate and handling pre-boarding requirements.

Meet and Assist Services Benefits

  1. Time Savings: These services are a time-saving boon for travelers, eliminating the need to stand in long lines or figure out airport layouts. This can be especially valuable for those with tight connections or busy schedules.
  2. Stress Reduction: With a dedicated concierge by your side, navigating a busy airport becomes stress-free.
  3. Enhanced Accessibility: Travelers with special needs, reduced mobility, or families with young children benefit from the personalized assistance that makes the airport experience more accessible and enjoyable.
  4. Productivity: Business travelers can maximize their time by outsourcing airport logistics to a concierge, allowing them to focus on work or meeting preparation.
  5. A Tailored Experience: Meet and Assist services can be customized to your needs, making your journey as comfortable and stress-free as possible.
  6. Family-Friendly: Families with children find these services invaluable, as concierges can help keep kids entertained and manage logistics, ensuring a smooth journey for the whole family.

Meet and Assist Programs

Many companies offer these services, and airlines have similar programs or partnerships. Some popular programs include:

  1. Fast Track (multiple airports): These services expedite security and immigration procedures, often bundled with other assistance.
  2. Airports with Dedicated Services (e.g., London Heathrow, Dubai International): Some major airports offer their own Meet and Assist services.
  3. Airlines’ Premium Services: Airlines offer premium passengers and loyalty members personal assistance and lounge access.


Meet and Assist is an Airport VIP Service offering travelers a stress-free, time-saving option for a smoother journey. Travelers can transform their airport experience from daunting to enjoyable with personalized assistance and guidance. Consider Meet and Assist services to make your travels more comfortable and convenient. For more information about Airport VIP Services, you can read our Ultimate Guide.

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