Welcome to GM’s Membership Points Program

The collection of points is a very powerful tool that our customers can use, it allows them to save money or receive a reward after reaching specific point thresholds.

Points and Rewards

We encourage our loyal clients to register in our program in order to earn points, you will earn points for every booking or reservation you make with us, and as you accumulate more points on specific spent thresholds, on birthday, or for every review written on our website by you, etc.

Points redeem automatically through a discount that you can take advantage of during your checkout when you book a service. And you can clearly keep track of these earned points in your personal online account.

Your account information will tell you exactly how many points have you earned during the past 2 years, the system is designed to give you a detailed view, so you can also check how many points have you earned for each specific action you made on our website.

Redemption period

The points are valid for 2 years, so you can accumulate points for 2 years, and before the period is over you can use the amount as it will be automatically converted to money you can use to apply as a discount.

How points are earned

Purchase Well, upon making any purchase through our website, the system will automatically tell you before you make the booking how many points you will earn, once the order is placed you will receive the earned amount in your membership points counter in your personal account.

Reviews, you can also earn points when you write any review of a service you enjoyed with us, it’s really helpful and your points are a way for us to show our appreciation of sharing your experience.

Special occasion, you will also earn points on any occasion such as Birthdays and New years.

Registering on our platform will also earn you free points, once you register not only will you get free points but you will also see different set of options each time you open any service to book.

Milestones, when you reach certain amounts of points such as 1000 you will also get free points.

How users are informed

Our system automatically send you email notification of your points updates and status so you can keep live track of your total number of points.

Diamond and VIP members

Once your card has passed one year of membership, you will get to explore our free perks such as private transfer and flower greeting services upon your arrival in any airport in Egypt.

Membership Card

Once you are registered in our program, you will have a designated number of 6 digits automatically assigned to your account and card, you can check this card and even print it out in HD quality.

To printout the card simply go to your account and choose Membership card and you will see your Card and the rest of the details and a guide on how to print it.